Monday, May 2

memphis in may

another weekend that was nothing short of sensational. for the past four days i felt like i/we had a normal life. there were times of vacation and planning and everything-must-be-perfect, but there were also times of normalcy and everything-is-right-in-the-world and just being. here are some highlights
:  memphis barbecue, chicken on the grill, rainy day soup and grilled cheese, and farmer's market guacamole 
:  sold out fedex forum for one of the biggest nba playoff upsets in history [quoted from espn, who knew?]. loud, proud, and incredibly intense. go grizz go.
:  beale street music festival on the river. good music, good people watching, good company.
:  april showers and may flowers, rain and more rain. afternoon naps, balcony breezes, thunder and lightning playlist.
:  dinner, a movie and frozen yogurt. old times reignited. a taste of what could be.
and while there were moments of worry, anxiety and tears [namely on my end], it was mostly laughter and love. a perfect path into this new month of may.

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