Tuesday, May 31

summer snack

there is nothing that says summer more than cucumbers and corn on the cob. they are a june-august staple on the bender farm. so in order to fully welcome in the unofficial start of the season, i made my first batch of "cukes" this weekend. they are the perfect summer snack, side dish or just eat-when-you're-bored-without-guilt food. i compare them to pickles [obviously] or salt-vinegar potato chips. except with a lot less calories and, unfortunately, similar sodium content. either way, you can feel good about eating these delish-little-devils throughout the day.
first peel and cut your cucumbers and onions [preferably straight from the garden]. next fill a bowl with salt water... i just dump salt in until it is sort of cloudy. definitely pour to taste.* add the cucumbers/onions and let it sit covered in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. remove from the frig and pour out about 1/4 of the salt water. replace that water with vinegar [or to taste]. it sounds disgusting, i know. but try it. i dare you. it is [seriously] refreshing. welcome summer!
*use this recipe with caution and definitely pour to taste. it is coming from a girl that loves [loooooves] salt. i don't even really mind when the salty, ocean waves crash in my face and i taste a little bit. my fingers swell to nearly twice their size in humid weather from sodium intake. gross, yes. we all have our vice.

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