Thursday, May 26


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you may remember my desperate desire for a vacation here. well, it hasn't gone away and definitely hasn't gotten any better. after a bit of research [and down right feel-sorry-for-myself-boredom], i think i have safely sharpied a big red X on my next destination. enter seaside, florida. i heard about it first here and have been swooning ever since. apparently it is a smallish town nestled sweetly in the panhandle of the sunshine state. its main street america vibe + white sand beaches is my [exact] idea of a perfect vacation. an early morning walk to the farmer's market for local luxuries to be munched on all day, long [loooooong] afternoons of catching rays, strolls through the local art galleries, dinner and wine on our own personal porch. phew. take me away. here's the best news of all: it appears to be [extremely] affordable. i found beach cottages [like the ones featured above] for $400. that's total for two nights. sleeps seven people. like whoa. extra good news: it is about an eight hour drive from memphis. awesome. dr. j and i are trying to a) save a couple vacation days to make this a reality and b) round up some friends/family to share in the sweetness. i am trying very hard to not make this one of those stays-in-the-dream-bubble things. i'll keep you posted.

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