Friday, July 22


wig shop. asheville, north carolina.
identity i·den·ti·ty/īˈdentitē/ the fact of being who or what a person or thing is; the characteristics determining this
they say a diamond is a girl's best friend, but i happen to think it's hats. it is within our DNA [that extra X sure gets the best of us sometimes, doesn't it?] to have the skilled ability to toss them in the air, make them disappear, juggle them with our eyes closed and wear a million at a time. we are daughters, wives, mothers, sisters, aunts, friends, colleagues. we get to play nurse, comedian, accountant, housekeeper, teacher, and goddess. all while happily [most of the time] keeping the peace and having some fun. this wig shop got me thinking about a woman's identity
i have spent my whole life [25 little years] working toward an identifiable character. i've thrown around a lot of hats. i've stored a couple in my closet to pull out later. i've burned a few with regret and shame. i still don't quite know what fits best, but i'm gonna try on every single one until it's just right. i remember that just because someone else seems to have all her hats-in-a-row, doesn't mean my closet is going to be as neat. 
i think as women, it is easy to become green with identity crisis. we are so in tune with juggling all of our roles, we get envious when we see another gal pal getting it right [heidi klum, anyone?]. even if we wouldn't look good as a red head, we can't pull off the fedora, we would look foolish in a sun bonnet, when we see others juggling their roles with grace and poise and class, we wish had the same magical powers. but, we do. so, how about we embrace our own identifying features? how about we accept that we get to star in so many leading roles? how about we have a wonderful weekend, embody our unique identities, and feel fabulous wearing so many [of our own, imperfect] hats?

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