Saturday, July 30

reading retreat

let me tell you about one of my favorite ways to spend a saturday afternoon: bookstores. i gather up a bunch of magazines and books, grab a hot chocolate, find a comfortable [and sunny] spot, and just indulge. today i spent at least two hours at barnes and noble, thumbing through magazines, taking notes on the stuff i like, watching crowds browsing the shelves and dreaming of the next chapter in my life. it was magical. my stack usually consists of a lot of design magazines, a few wedding books/mags, fitness inspiration and a little quote book here and there. i find myself taking notes on entertaining ideas, must read lists, and home decor. i often ponder into a day dreaming state and am at total ease with myself. it's brilliant. the best part is that this activity is as fun when you are with someone else as it is by yourself. and in this sometimes lonely life, that is a very good thing. of note, southern living, martha stewart weddings, and better homes and garden have some bomb things going on this month. run to your nearest bookstore to check it out. and while you are there, take a second to indulge.

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