Tuesday, August 16

better breakfast

does anyone else out there find themselves eating the same three meals five days a week [i can shake things up on the weekend], four weeks a month, twelve months a year? i pretty much ingest cheerios, peanut butter sandwiches, and pasta every day. yes, you read that right. all carbs. all day. i am trying to get into a routine of healthy eating, exercising and emotional well-being [mostly to shed a few extra pounds, but who's keeping track?]. i have the exercising under control. the emotional well-being is gonna take some work. but, the healthy eating throws me for a loop. it's tough to live by yourself and eat well. bottom line. but, here goes. mrs. protein and mr. fiber, welcome to my world. 
i found this easy freeze-and-go breakfast recipe and thought it would be a jumping off point to my un-rut routine. it's a piece of cake [hmmm... cake. wait. no.] and took little to no time. 
on-the-go breakfast sandwich
one dozen eggs
lean turkey sausage
100 calorie, whole grain bagel thins
preheat oven to 350 degrees. crack eggs into muffin tin. place sausage on cookie sheet. bake both the eggs and the sausage for twenty to thirty minutes until cooked thru. toast bagel thins. assemble sandwich by adding a half slice of cheese. freeze uncovered for one hour. individually wrap and place back into the freezer. 
when ready to eat, unwrap sandwich and microwave for one to two minutes. enjoy!

by my very unofficial calculations, these little babies have 302 calories, 19 grams of protein, and 5 grams of fiber. more calories, but a drastic improvement from my cheerios. and i shouldn't be needing that mid-morning snack with this hearty day starter. step one to a healthier me. i'll meet you guys at the finish line.

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