Tuesday, August 30

great will

big and little apple basket for $4.99. dark stain + white paint = luxurious laundry room accessory.
 braided basket for $1.99. stained dark for holding fall fruits and vegetables in the pantry.
serving platter for $2.99. spray painted a warm espresso for hot chocolate and breakfast in bed.
tall teal vase for $4.99. an interesting pop of color on the bathroom counter.
this weekend i had to stop at goodwill for a project i am working on [more on that down the road] and left with two bags of treasures. holy cow. i was [seriously] lusting over a buffet table. yes, i used the word lusting over a secondhand find. but, it was $149 and a little wobbly so i sneered at its overpriced-for-thrift beauty and kept walking. i find consignment shops and thrift stores to be the perfect place to spot interesting and unique accessories for [obviously] a decent price. sure, you have to hunt. of course, you need to have your creative, repurpose hat on. yes, you have to get over the this-was-owned-by-someone-else-at-one-point phobia. but, the visit usually leaves you with a lot of good without spending a lot of cash. and if you're still not convinced, the people watching is priceless. there were some serious shoppers up in the hizzouse [slang used purposefully if you know what i mean]. so the  next time you are in the market for some cheap secondhand stuff, needing a saturday afternoon painting project, or wanting to feel just plain ghettofabulous, consider the nearest thrift. it won't disappoint.
peace on earth and goodwill to all.

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