Tuesday, September 20


would you believe this is the only picture i snapped all weekend? okay, you're right. there are two of me and the boy, but i look dreadful in both of them. so this is what you get: the view on a gorgeous thursday afternoon sipping wine with my darling.

what a weekend. i am not at all fully recovered. and don't anticipate returning to my quiet-apartment, thirty-four-texts-per-day, wishing-waiting-wanting normal life anytime soon.

normal. a word that has crossed my mind a lot in the past four days. normal relationship. normal day-to-day routine. normal laughter. normal conversation.

this weekend seemed normal

[is the word normal starting to look weird to anyone else?] 

like what every-other-couple-in-the-world experiences. no agenda. no special events. no memphis attractions. but, a lot of running errands. eating in. afternoon movies. football. lounging. laughter. planning. pizza, chipotle, and barbecue. 

i liked it. 

for a girl that strives to make life as abnormal as possible [in the professional/personal journey sort of way. less of the Hot Topic sort of way. not that i don't fully appreciate individuality. whatever floats your boat.], it was nice to get a glimpse of a common existence. one that doesn't consist of keeping your phone within a four inch radius at all times [in fact, i rarely checked it. and dare i say, forgot to take it out with me on most occasions. sorry if i missed your text!]. one that isn't filled with anticipation and wondering and what-ifs. just normal. nothing more. nothing less. a life i could really get used to.

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