Thursday, November 10

baby it's cold outside

the temperature continues to sink around here. i know it is nothing compared to what you northerners have to deal with, but i have had to wear a fall jacket like three times this week [whine]. 
my southern skin is going to get a big reality check when it travels to the northeast this weekend. and so i have started to prepare. i have a coat and scarf and ear warmers and boots and boot socks ready, but i couldn't seem to find anything to toast my hands. after a weekend of searching, i gave up and decided to just make some myself. here's what happened.
 cut the sleeve off a horribly ugly sweater purchased from goodwill for $2.99.
trace hand and make a mitten pattern.
 pin on pattern and cut carefully. the sweater will slip and stretch if it is not pinned properly. 
not pictured: cut out pieces of fleece [or any other heavy, warm material] in the same pattern.
yes, those are fur balls. i washed the sweater [secondhand, remember] and didn't read the hand wash only instructions. nasty. lint roller meet your new best friend.
 sew fleece pieces to the sweater material. pin all pieces together and hope that your machine doesn't break from the thickness. add a little embellishment if you wish.
make yourself a cup of hot chocolate even though it is seventy degrees outside. wear your mittens around your apartment like a fool. try them on with every coat you own. 

the process was ridiculously easy and hilariously comical [the pattern was about four inches too long on the finger side originally]. there were some curved lines involved that caused a few omg-this-is-not-straight-and-is-going-to-look-hideous freak outs. but, overall, it worked. much to my surprise. and now my tootsies will be toasty as i travel into the terrible terrain. brrrrr...
november tenth: getting to see my man two times in one month. how will we ever recover from the madness?! happy weekend, my friends. i am off to pennsylvania to take on the nittany lions [insert sex scandal joke here]. go big red!

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