Sunday, January 1

aspirations and anniversaries

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four little numbers with four big notions.

a new year begs reflection, yet anticipation. and i would venture to say that many of us take this time to switch a reset button in our minds. rewind a bit, but mostly fast forward to the opportunities that lie ahead. here's how i'm editing a year of highs and hopes, yet lows and losses. 
overwhelmed. by the love, support, and encouragement this little piece of the internet brings me. when i started this dear diary three hundred and sixty-five days ago, i had no idea the impact it would have on my life. you. all because of you. you keep coming back to this place. checking in. inspiring. and downright loving. i could not be more grateful. therefore in 2012, i hope to share more frequently.humbled. by life's constant fragile state. last year my family and i were shaken to the core by a reality that could only be described as a nightmare. we lost our leading lady too early. and could never have anticipated the confusion. heartache. and anger. yet, it humbles you in a way. because this life is a loan. and so, i will begin to live fearlessly. 
health. life's ultimate rollercoaster. good days and bad days. decisions and choices. but, i wonder what it would be like if we forgot the diets. the intense workout regimens. the constant negative chatter. and instead, focused on being healthy. and happy. and simply loving who you are. perhaps the everything-in-moderation, exercise plans and positivity would come naturally. in 2012 i will love myself.
family. there's no greater gift in life. and in my humble opinion, no greater sacrifice, happiness or love. at the end of the day it's those very people that make each year a success. it's unconditional. and it's powerful. and therefore, in 2012, i will strive to fully embrace the ones i love

as a is for amor celebrates its one year anniversary, i can think of no better way to end a chapter and look forward to the next page. here's to you. cheers!

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