Tuesday, January 3


one essential of owning a piece of real estate in the blogosphere [besides using Mod Podge and fumbling through this thing called life] is to celebrate a blogiversary. and since it has been three hundred and sixty five seven days since the first little thought, we should celebrate good times. shouldn't we? come on!
without you, there wouldn't be a point to these posts. sure, i would probably still talk a lot about nothing and my mom/sister would still feel obligated to read. but, it wouldn't be nearly as fun. 
therefore, i want to show my deep and sincere appreciation to my followers. whoever you may be. most [sponsored, legit] blogs give away trendy threads and stylish decor. i'm not quite there yet. but, i love you guys. and i want you to know it.
so over the next week, comment on this post.
remember how to do that?
one reader [chosen at random] will receive some a is for amor originals [because homemade is better. right?]. it's no $1000 gift card to pottery barn, but it comes to you with love. because i am so very grateful. and humbled. and just plain sappy with appreciation.
 1. a personalized pillow.
2. monogrammed [or anything you might like] napkins.
3. a bow or two.
comment with your name. and if you so desire, one or two or three ways you would like to see this little forum improve. thank you from the bottom of my achy breaky heart for your love. and for continually checking in on this crazy life. you all rock.
post script: check in next tuesday to see if you were the lucky winner!


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  2. obligated to read, obligated to enter the giveaway and comment. just kidding! i feel the same as amanda. love you!

  3. you are such an inspiration in so many ways. reading your blog is certainly the highlight of my day. this year, keep pulling at my heart strings with your guiding thoughts, and enlighten my creativity with your DIY projects...and keep postin pics, I miss your smiling face :)

  4. Seriously an inspiration and just so darn fashionable! I'm not a stalker, but an admirer. :) I have a Modge Podge addiction because of you. Thanks!! :)

  5. I wanna win, I wanna win! I check your blog pretty much every hour, I mean, day, love "hearing" from you! :) From: Your momma

  6. warming my heart on this cold winter evening.
    thank you for the love! i said it once, i'll say in a million, trillion times: you are the best friends a girl could ask for! thank you for checking in. xo

  7. as you always know...love you and everything you do!

  8. so sad i missed this! i'm about a week and half behind after ending my christmas break. i love your blog and you are so inspirational! love you!