Sunday, January 15

guiding thoughts

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"for this new day now dawning, make me an optimist. although there are signs of hope surrounding me, sometimes i see only the negative, the imperfections, the decay. teach me to refocus on the marvelous possibilities, the great potentialities, the vibrant new life which fills my world each new day. whenever my vision is darkened by pessimism, open my eyes to the light of hope. amen." [n. summers]

for these twenty-four hours, let me find the beauty in the common. let me simplify my life. let me prioritize and appreciate instead of plan and worry. let me be grateful. and humble. and wise. let me find magic in the potential, yet peace in the present. oh please, let me be patient. and above all, let my eyes be wide open and my heart be ready for the light of hope that each day brings. 

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