Thursday, January 5

i'm a big girl now

santa was good to me. like really, really good to me. 
when i tore through the wrapping and saw a big box labeled Kitchen Aid, my first thought was "no way. this is what you get when you're tying the knot." quickly followed by, "omg. omg. this is really happening. omg." the way i reacted, one may have suspected my beau was proposing marriage. close enough. 
so without further ado, please meet my new best friend. she is big. and heavy duty. and shiny. and fast. and one hundred percent perfect. and i really love her.
 my girl.
 getting ready.
in action.
be prepared for the blog to blow up with baking concoctions and new recipes. because things just got real awesome up in here.

1 comment:

  1. Ash- congrats on the kitchen aide mixer. 2011 also made me the new owner of one of these babies! My favorite things to make:
    - whipped cream (turn it all the way up and watch it go)
    - pizza dough (i have a recipe that has you knead it for 30 minutes and then makes neapolitan style pizza dough that is unbelieveable)
    - from scratch oatmeal bread

    Congrats! This is like starting a new chapter in life...