Tuesday, February 21

fat tuesday

oh fat tuesday. how do i love thee? let me count the ways. you're one more day to engage in some ugly habits, yet twenty-four hours from the greatest forty days of the year. 
not to get all preachy on you, but from a show of hands, who adores the lenten season? yeah. me too. i don't know if it is the constant reminder of giving up, the gradual change of seasons or just doing something extra each day, but i kinda love it. 
this year, i'm sticking to my usual suspects. soda - eating in between meals - stations of the cross - and a little reconciliation every once and a while. i always want to come up with something different, perhaps more... sacrificial. but when you find yourself downing a big bear of animal crackers over the course of two weeks, the answer is glaringly obvious: get your act together ash. 
 my post workout snack. every - single - night. hilarious, right?
my vice. when you live by yourself, it is uber depressing to see this big bear turn more clear and less cookie colored. because that's one big bear. 

and for all you catholics out there. or anyone else giving up. here's a fab reflection to jumpstart your forty days.
give up complaining - focus on gratitude. give up pessimism - become an optimist. give up harsh judgments - think kind thoughts. give up worry - trust divine providence. give up discouragement - be full of hope. give up bitterness - turn to forgiveness. give up hatred - return good for evil. give up negativism - be positive. give up anger - be more patient. give up pettiness - become more mature. give up gloom - enjoy the beauty that is all around you. give up jealously - pray for trust. give up gossiping - control your tongue. give up giving up - hang in there. 
happy tuesday! indulge and be - fat!

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