Sunday, March 25

guiding thoughts

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"i don't think that it is always necessary to talk about the deepest and most private dimension of who we are, but i think we are called to talk to each other out of it, and just as importantly to listen to each each other out of it, to live out of our depths as well as our shallows. we are, all of us, adolescents, painfully growing and groping our way toward something like true adulthood, and maybe the greatest value we have, both to teach and to learn as we go, is the capacity to be amazed... which is a power to heal us and bless us and in the end, maybe even to transform us into truly human beings at last." [f. buechner]
isn't that true? that no matter how old we are, it seems a part of us will always be adolescent in nature - painfully trying to figure out this life and how we belong in it. pushing forward without any form of grace, peace, or contentment. 
yet, quite to the contrary, adolescents also have this innate ability to dream. and conquer without fear [and often logical thought]. to simply, be amazed. 
in our teens our amazement is often personified by a boyfriend that is totally and completely wrong [been there, done that. right momma? yuck.]. but, what could we do with that same passion, those same unreasonable, totally encompassing feelings when applied to our lives today? we could transform. we could live out of our depths. we could conquer fear. we could truly be human beings at last.

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