Thursday, March 22

on timing

as i was pinning my little heart out [any of my followers out there ever get seriously annoyed with the constant pin updates? because sometimes i get annoyed with myself. i just can't help it. my apologies.], i got to thinking - there's never been a better time to be a young adult. right?
the world is truly our oyster. and while some most days, i fall into a crazy paranoia about growing up on a planet run by the world wide web, judgment, and access to everything, i still think it rocks to be twenty-five in twenty-twelve.
maybe it is because we foolishly think we can have it all. maybe social media hypnotizes us into believing that our boards can become our reality. maybe our parents have given us a go-get-em attitude unlike any other generation. maybe growing up with cory and topanga made us believe that happily-ever-after isn't ever so far away. 
or maybe everyone feels this way at twenty-something.
then again, there's a certain pressure for peeps my age. to break the glass ceiling. to do it all by thirty. to work hard and love hard and play hard. and in the same ways, all this stuff we have access to can also paralyze us into an always running - never being - frenzy. 
we have the unlimited power to conquer our dreams, to be entrepreneurs of our future, to take a crazy idea and make millions. because these days - truly - nothing is impossible. 
and some how, that is wildly exciting and scary at the same time.

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