Friday, April 13

love is in the air

image by max wanger
i don't know if it is spring or my age or just some bizarre cosmic coincidence, but i can't help but notice that love is simply everywhere these days. 
just a couple weekends ago, two of my gals got rings [congratulations mel - ecstatic for you!] and it seems like everyone is preggers or welcoming a bundle of joy into their home. all my besties have bling and my blog buddies have bumps.
i can't wait to witness the weddings unfold and am dying to hear what the fashionable mommas name their children [only to be stashed away on my secret future children's name list - currently possessing four for the girls and one for the boys. here's hoping they all have brilliant boy names that i can steal!]. 
perhaps we have come to the moment in our lives when we all take that fearlessful jump to the next chapter off the cliff into adulthood. 
or perhaps love is just truly in the air. 

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