Friday, May 25

big day

after two and a half years + two and a half hours at the dmv, i am an official tennessee resident. 
[my nebraska license was going to expire soon and i had a rare morning off, so i got er done. two years late. i live on the edge of the law, i tell ya.] 
and yet. i also completed my notice to vacate today. 
oh it is all hilariously ironic, isn't it? 
my parents get here in about fifteen minutes, so i don't even have time to think about how chaotic my life "plans" have become. hilarious, i tell you. hilarious.
happy a happy memorial day weekend, y'all! 
i'll be back here tuesday with recaps of a fabulous memphis adventure!


  1. This is quite the cliffhanger! Where are you going? Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your fam.

  2. Your hair looks great!!

  3. what what what!?!?! you're moving!?!? Ahhhh! You have to tell us the in right NOW!