Friday, May 18


on monday i had the opportunity to watch my brother golf in the district meet. being away from home makes me ache for stuff like this. and truly hurts me to think i am missing out on these experiences. so, i was ecstatic to be able to come along for the ride 18-hole walk in heeled boots this time.
isn't he the cutest? i'm like kinda really obsessed with this kid. he just makes me so stinkin proud. i think about him and her and i literally start to cry sometimes. because they are two beautiful, incredibly smart, talented, kind, generous people. they constantly strive to do the right thing. and the funny thing is - at age 17 and 22 - they accomplish it! such an anomaly, dontcha think? gosh, i'm so lucky to be their big sister. truly lucky.
happy weekend! be safe out there!

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