Tuesday, May 22

how does your garden grow?

a highlight of my spring to summer transition is planting flowers. as a child, this tradition was always a big deal. my momma loves to color up her yard with beautiful beds and therefore, we would always make a day or two out of it. choosing the flowers from a local greenhouse - learning how each one needed to be planted - getting tips on the proper techniques [pinch the soil at the base, dead head, water at the roots] - and watching them grow. 
as much as i love peeking out my window to see colorful combinations of growth, i just wasn't sure if i was going to plant this year. i am really hoping to be out of this apartment by july 31st [spoiler alert!] and didn't know if it was worth the trouble money to beautify my balcony for half of a summer. but, with the gobs of guests i have coming into town, i felt it was totally worth the investment. and i am so glad i did. there's nothing like fresh flowers to breathe life into a home - indoors and out. 
 before planting
flower boxes
pops of color
enjoying the sunshine
happy planting!

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  1. I don't think I like your spoiler alert! can't wait a moment longer for the update :)