Monday, July 2

born and raised

in the boondocks.
this weekend i attended another 30th birthday party. i think it is becoming my "thing" because they all seem to be epic. here's hoping there's a lot more 3-0 fiestas in my future.
the birthday boy this weekend was C's good friend, justin. they went to graduate school together and as justin said, "just get one another." #bromance 
the party was held in justin's hometown - st. clement, missouri. 
it was one hundred percent country. and i loved it. enter knights of columbus hall, boogying to johnny cash and barbecuing a 300 pound pig. 
drinks were had. dancing took place. and all was fun in the boondocks. 
 camo on camo on camo on camo. [yep, that's x4.] plus
mizzou gear all over the place. equals 
classic missouri. i seriously love it. 
 mixed drinks out of 32 ounce gas station cups. why not?
 the boys
 the gang
loved seeing him for 12 waking hours. one hundred percent worth the drive. 
[we couldn't stop talking about everything we were going to do once i move back!] 
thanks for having us, st. clement. we had an absolute blast. 
happy birthday justin!

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