Friday, July 20

moving north

the move was actually rather uneventful [thankfully]. we only had one hiccup [see below]. otherwise, it was a surprisingly fun four days.
my love is the only person i know that irons his moving shorts.
one last shot of 304 keys.
which brings me to our hiccup...
we may have lost the moving truck key for about three panicked hours. we even called Penske and placed a work order for a new key to be made. we can't agree on how they disappeared, but their coming back to us can only be described by divine measures. let's just say st. anthony came through again. that guy never, ever fails.
we laugh about it now, but it was touch and go there for awhile.
speciality soda celebration.
four hot hours later - we did it!
goodbye island park
homeward bound and happy
at last.
so now we are here.
and everything is good - the bustle, the schedule, the company, the every day moments - it's a good life.

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