Wednesday, August 29

meeting the fam

to wrap up another busy weekend [it seems like we are always on the go!], we went to south/central nebraska for an end-of-summer barbecue with C's family. after nine years of dating and always being with my own family for holidays, i hadn't yet had the opportunity to meet the johnson clan. 
the afternoon was so classically nebraska. the company was outstanding - kind, considerate and loving. the food was out of this world. the kids played football in the yard while the adults enjoyed a cold beverage and reflected on life the huskers. laughter was constant. popsicles were eaten. hugs were given. in a word, it was perfect. 
and it is days like these that i am once again reminded of how lucky i am to have C in my life. not only is he my best friend and better half, but his family and friends are wonderful as well. to say i am blessed would be the understatement of the century.
best buds
pure joy
thank you, johnson family, for welcoming me fully into the fun!

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