Thursday, August 16

settling in

C and i are both creatures of habit. and a plan.
so when it comes to meals, we had to have a predictable routine. when i suggested that we make a weekly menu on sunday mornings, C thought that might be a little too rigid. so, he suggested themes. [we are a fun bunch around here, i tell ya.] here's what we have come up with.
mexican monday
this week i made stuffed peppers, last week was C's famous chicken tacos.
italian tuesday
just as it sounds - carb overload and comforting.
wacky wednesday
this day is designed to encourage us to try a new recipe every week. last week we went to a new restaurant [dinos] because i was so exhausted, but yesterday we had to switch things around a bit. the new recipe this week is taco soup, but since it was 98 degrees here and will be 72 today we flip flopped. so yesterday we had my trusty french dip. i will have to blog about this recipe soon. it's amazeballs.
thirsty thursday
this is try a new drink day. since i have fridays off, it is our opportunity to unwind and have a cocktail with dinner. last week we tried the 19th hole arnold palmers from michelob - yummo!
freaky friday
also known as our wild card. considering we haven't been home on a friday since i moved back, we haven't quite given this day an assignment. it will probably turn into on-the-go or football concession stand or old standby restaurant or leftover day.
so good saturday
much like friday, saturday is where we get wild. in the summer we might fire up the grill. in the fall, it will be hotdogs and beer at a husker tailgate. whatever it is, it will be so good.
soup and salad sunday
perhaps my favorite day of all. i am imagining a big pot of soup boiling all day while football is on in the background. bring on fall.
so there you have it. are we the only people crazy enough to have themed dinners? do tell, lovelies.

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  1. I've been doing the same thing! I haven't done the theme thing (that sounds like a good idea!) but I've been planning the next week's meals on Saturday so that leaves time for me to go to the store to get the weeks worth of groceries. I need to expand my recipes but I've JUST started cooking, crock pot recipes are always nice to have for the days that I know I'll be busy after work or mid-week break. (PS- I really enjoy your blog and it was great to see you at the miller wedding!)