Tuesday, October 9

curb appeal

rental renovations
we continue to work hard on making this house a home.
thanks to a ton of help from our parents [another huge perk of living in nebraska - thank you times a million!], we were able to get everything moved and some renovations started. 
the day we signed the lease, C and i started to make some adjustments outside. we had a hard time driving by the house, seeing the sad "landscaping,"  and wanting to move in. so to home depot we went.
we picked up a shovel, black mulch, edgers, planters, and mums. 
before and after
 it's amazing how big of a difference this small change made.
it opened up the front step and made the house so much more welcoming. 
 we dug out the river rock, poured some black mulch, and placed the edgers.
add some mums and the whole place began to look like home. 
 C had the brilliant idea of staining the wooden divider.
i think it sets everything off and really makes the area.
 white pumpkins from roca berry farm complete the new curb appeal.
 it feels so much better to drive up to this at the end of the day. 
it's the perfect welcome mat to this new home, this new life. 

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