Wednesday, October 24

office space

transitioning from a one bedroom apartment to an actual home can be daunting.
furnishing extra space can be expensive.
so we are trying to get creative in filling up the excess.
introducing an in-progress office. 

my mom, aunt, cousin and i found this brilliant, large shelving unit at a shed sale [such an amazeballs venue!]. its first intention was to hold canisters in the kitchen, but it was much too big. 
after a ton of sanding and painting, we found that it fit perfectly in the office. 
[don't you wish the walls were white and the floors wood? yeah. me too. so badly. ugh.]
 we filled it with some of our functional and favorite things.
and added a little bit of whimsy with these old trophies i got from my grandma. 
the black makes them pop and coordinate with the rest of the bookshelf. 
we had a bookshelf, but still needed a desk.
i found this midcentury gem on craigslist for $20. 
we grabbed the paintbrush again and transformed this baby into a nice place to work.
the statue came from goodwill [again, sprayed black] and everything else we had. just re-purposed.
i did find this fabulous old phone at an antique shop. it was a splurge at $30, but i really love it. 
how do you decorate on the cheap?
spill it, loves. there's a lot of space that needs to be filled. 

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