Thursday, October 4

settling in

hello friends.
is there anyone still out there?
or are you so fed up with seeing week old posts that you've stopped coming by?
let me explain.
this is what we have been dealing with the past two weeks.
and that's just the outside.
what's not pictured are cobwebs and dirt and old renter grease. 
we have been to the home depot five times as often as the grocery store or gym combined. 
we are working so hard that i feel like we own this place. 
except that i can't paint. or rip up the carpet. or detach ourselves from the guy next door. 
the professional cleaning team comes today. and then we will really finish moving. and things will become more consistent around here. i promise.
strong arms and positive attitudes are still welcome. you know how to get ahold of me.  

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