Wednesday, November 7

open sesame

rental renovations
one thing our new abode seriously lacks is storage.
the house is bigger than the one bedroom apartments we came from, but the combination of two fully establish homes left a lot of what-are-we-going-to-do-with-all-this-stuff conversations.
the kitchen was one of the biggest issues. although C might argue that my love of kitchen gadgets was the real problem.
either way, something had to happen.
like most projects we have tackled, this one started with a drive to home depot.
after spotting some cheapish open shelving options, we knew just what to do.
immediately upon returning home, C got to work. 
power tools and all. 
we had just enough room in an awkward corner of our kitchen to fill with our stuff. 
i have no doubt these shelves will be ever evolving, especially as the seasons change. 
my mind is already wandering to decking the halls and the holiday hoopla. 
for a quick, cheap, and seemingly easy [there were only a few expletives during the leveling phase], we love how it turned out. 
in our eyes, this open shelving trend is here to stay!

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