Friday, December 28


i promise this will be the last holiday post.
let's talk about cards. christmas cards. holiday greetings. the best thing ever. 
as i come to the age of people getting married. having babies. starting big, beautiful families, i find that the amount of loot in my mailbox increases. and i simply love it. 
it's one of the greatest things about the season. alongside family, food, giving, general peace and joy, of course. 
i just adore a good card. 
here's our 2012 roundup.
you better believe the nanosecond i have an additional thing [husband, child, dog, ceramic animal] in my life to send christmas cards with, i will be doing so. i dream about high quality paper, fabulously designed greetings. until then, i will lust over all of your darling cards. keep em coming!

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