Wednesday, January 16


well hello there stranger.
how have you been?
it's me. i'm drowning. it's okay. it's good. don't mind the shakiness in my voice as i say that. here's what's happening.
i just finished a fifteen hour work day. four of those hours were spent in my car. a car that hit 150,000 miles this morning. i'm exhausted. yet, i have had a lot of time to reflect upon my life. my world. my attitude. my future. 
honestly, i feel like i am at a crossroads of sorts. except there's no yellow brick road to lead me down the right path. everything just feels weird. and unsure. all wonderful. but just a little bit out of reach. that's hard for a planner like me, you know. 
C and i have had some really beautiful discussions about where we want to go. he has been so supportive [you are my everything, love. thank you.]. but the constant what ifs are getting old. for both of us. 
as you know, i have embarked on this dream of a journey [new post today. check it out!] with amber. and i believe, with every cell in my body, in what we are doing. what we are promoting. but, sometimes it feels hard to live out the mission. 
my plate is full. my soul is ragged. i imagine many of you feel the same way at times. so in the spirit of keepin it real, i know you will understand.
things will slow down.
i know i will miss this one day. 
i know i will look back on this time and understand that it truly was the tipping point.
challenges are good. 
wonder is good. 
and the best thing of all is that i am loved. by so many people. 
i hope you'll stick around as i navigate through the crazy. and when i have a minute to come up for air, this will be the first place i go.

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