Thursday, February 21

i believe you can fly

winter is nearly over and i haven't written about basketball season. i have had plenty of opportunities to take photos and brag on my brother, but as soon as i walk into a gym, i become this obnoxious person with crazy brains. yelling, stomping, ugliness galore. 
but on tuesday night, i made it a goal to snap a couple of images. 
it's no secret that i am incredibly proud of my brother. i've made that very clear here. and this winter has been no exception. in the past two days, his [and my dad's] team has pulled off two huge upsets. coming from behind and then simply kicking major booty. 
what's more is the thirty-two minutes of focus, determination, hard work, and intensity mark exhibits. every game. this kid is eighteen. and so driven. they all are. and i am continually proud of their efforts. 
to think that this - a lifetime of our family occupying high school gyms - could come to an end soon breaks my little heart. we have all learned so much. among the go big reds, whistle tweets, shoes squeaks, sweat drips, laughter, yells, stomps, ugliness, and beauty are life lessons. lessons about the importance of family. of working hard. of commitment. of heartbreak. of joy. 
keep the ride alive. go bulldogs!

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