Sunday, February 3

memphis memories

three years ago today i made the biggest move of my life. sure there were other big escapes along the way - memphis, dallas, boston, dominican republic - but all of those were temporary. this one was seemingly without end. 
on a snowy, cold day in february i moved to memphis. for the second time. but instead of a '98 neon, i was driving a sixteen foot UHaul. 
and as soon as i started that engine, my life changed. 
we all know about the journey between now and then. a lot of tears. a lot of laughter. a lot of wonderful opportunities. to spare us all the misery, i won't go in to it again. 
i wonder if this day will always be sad for me. back then, i was sad to be there - struggling through life on my own. now i'm sad that i'm not there. but somewhere in between, i am so appreciative of both experiences. the sadness. but the joy that accompanies it. 
i never thought i would miss it as much as i do.
i never thought i would love being in this place with C and my family as much as i do.
i never thought i would have learned as much as i did.
i never thought i would have taken it for granted as much as i did.
memphis, i am so glad we started this journey together all those years ago.

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