Tuesday, March 12

10 notes

hey there.
here's what's happening.

1. i haven't taken a photo in nearly a week. it's a shame. 
2. everything is lekker has a new format. it's pretty rad. much like my sister. go and lust over her beachy life. it's drool worthy.
3. the makeover makes me want to change a is for. but that would require a lot of time. perhaps first i should find moments in my schedule to write daily. if only.
4. i miss eating grapes in bed and blogging. this was my safe place in memphis. life has a sneaky way of making me regretful.
5. i am currently concocting a wedding vision board. among other premature planning. without a ring. equal parts hopeful and giving it up to the universe.
6. there are a lot of unknown changes on the horizon. equal parts excitement and anxiety. well, maybe 20-80.
7. i constantly wonder where our first home will be. i think i've purchased and decorated at least eight houses in my head this week. 
8. we survived an amazing weekend filled with family. seventy-two hours of evidence - this is why we moved back.
9. the snow stopped me from athena. and i'm a little bitter about it. divine intervention, yes. happy ashley, no.
10. friday is my spring break. ironically filled with writing lectures and grading papers, but no driving. and a seventy degree forecast. things are looking up. 

hope to continue to catch up with you tomorrow.

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