Tuesday, March 26


trying to be glad about the snow. a dreamy backdrop to gym the hot tub.
life is funny, isn't it? not so much in the ha ha comedy club sort of way. but in that punch you in the gut sort of way. this semester has been hard. the evidence is written all over this blog. [endless apologies] just when things begin to look bright, the world becomes a frustrating existence of missed opportunities and what ifs. 
there are some big things happening behind the scenes around here. nothing to be alarmed about, just changes. like always, there have been obstacles in the journey. bumps that are testing my need for plans. potholes that are testing my faith in the unknown. but the turbulence is what makes the destination more exciting, right? [unfortunately, i'll take predictable over exciting any day.]
"it will all work out." "everything happens for a reason." i've heard these phrases a lot in the past month. and i'm beginning to believe it. 
life, you can retire the class clown gig. thanks for the humor but, i'm ready to get serious.

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