Monday, April 8

football practice

i've never been to the spring game. 
it's football practice. with 65,000 spectators. 
seems a little weird. 
but, it happened to be one of my most enjoyable experiences at memorial stadium. the weather was beautiful. there was no pressure. we had five rows to ourselves. my love was happy at the end of the day. i'll be making a return. 
 any excuse to tailgate.
especially on the first warm weather day of the year.
 there is no place like...
 touchdown balloons
 sea of red
and then this happened.

and i cried. i loved my state. and these young men that made jack feel so special. and i thought of my st. jude babies. young and old. pediatric cancer is such a dark and terrifying beast. my heart is filled to know that one of the fighters had a wish come true. way to go huskers. way to go nebraska. 

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