Monday, April 29


yesterday we welcomed a beautiful baby girl into our little family. after a long drive from iowa, janey bea was introduced to life in nebraska. 
for those of you who know me well, you may have a look of curiosity on your face as you read this. i'm not really a dog person. they frighten me. but when your fiance dreams of having a little creature in his life, you do things you thought you would never do. 
 we think she is pretty adorable which has helped the transition to a family of three immensely. 
 so far she is fitting in like a dream. she has only gone to the bathroom in the wrong place once and slept most of the day. C is in charge of training, so i have no doubt she will be a polite little lady in a few months time.
 i can't quite refrain myself from buying little goodies for jane. 
perhaps i can be a good puppy mama?
 jane's pa is so in love. the feelings are clearly mutual. 

welcome to our crazy world, little one!

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