Sunday, May 19

sights of summer

you guys, this weekend was so good. 
it has been awhile since C and i have had an empty agenda. and while we adore gallivanting from here to there, time at home is equally cherished. 
friday night we put jane to bed early and went on a date. dinner, the great gatsby, and drinks. it was so wonderful. we mostly talked about our pup and big things on the horizon. nevertheless, a night out of the town was just what the doctor ordered.
saturday we ventured to the lincoln farmer's market. 
impressed doesn't cut it. you know how i was a sucker for the memphis market? well, lincoln, put a point in your comparison column. it was dang good.
after a day downtown, we found our way back home to enjoy the sunshine. 
 we grilled
 played with our janey bea
 enjoyed fresh flowers in the late afternoon light
and had a few drinks on the patio.
i couldn't help but think of those nights in memphis when C and i would discuss our nightly plans. he was outside grilling. i was on my couch, blogging. and we yearned to be together. experiencing the world together. taking in the sweet smell of summer together. toasting to all the good in our life together. enjoying those simple moments of life that seem to have the greatest impact on happiness - together. 
so when i long for st. jude or southern charm or consistent warmth or that beautiful struggle of making it on my own, i will think of nights like these and know that nothing will compare. 

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