Wednesday, July 31

laying stakes

we have internet! a huge accomplishment - especially since i have been dying to connect with you all on our progress. we are finally done with the exterior. that process is comin atcha tomorrow. it was a doozy. 
in the meantime, we are digging our way through boxes and living in the construction zone. and it's perfect. there have been so many moments when i have to stop and just breathe in all the joy we are experiencing. this is truly the dream. 
jane has been so wonderful during this change. love that little lady!
and a sneak peek on how we went from "green monster" to a lovely gray.
and finally, life in transition according to my iPhone.
 we celebrated homeownership with cigars...
 and champagne. cheers!
beautiful weather on moving day.
 janey bea tired from too many lincoln to oakland trips - this time in the lobby of a tire repair shop. the one and only bump in the road [pun intended] throughout the whole process. i'll take it!
we are here [with the world wide web!]. and so in love. we begin working on the clinic tomorrow and continue to unpack the years of stuff we have accumulated. we are near our family [who have been instrumental in keeping us sane and painting every nook of this home!] and we are happy. so happy. thanks for coming along for the ride.

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