Wednesday, August 14


the past couple of weeks i have been aching for memphis. i don't know where these feelings are coming from [well, i always have a longing for that city but right now it's bringing me to tears]. life is real good right now. more complete and on track than when i lived on the mighty mississip. yet, i can't get the home of the blues out of my brain.
i think the feelings are coming more from a place of regret, than a place of negativity for the now. i didn't appreciate all that i had in tennessee. to name a few - great friends, the best job at the most magical, inspiring organization, a city i came to love, beauty, bombdotcom food. but, rightfully so, the yearning to be near my love and family overcame those assets. 
i suppose the meaning of this whole reflection is to simply say, "i love you memphis." you were good to me. so very good. it's to say i miss st. jude. and my colleagues. and my patients. it's to say those three years were hard, but really, really wonderful. 

enough of the sappy stuff. back to regularly scheduled programming. 
save the dates and painting kitchen cabinets coming soon. 

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