Monday, August 26

life lately - according to my iPhone

well, it's been a week. i swear i want to tell you about wedding plans and the many things that are transpiring over here - kitchen floors! windows! tori being back! the issue is that i'm never home [with nothing to do] to take photos when it is light out. and that's the only way i'll snap pictures. but, it's coming. i really want to know what y'all think - i need opinions, suggestions, criticism! 
in the meantime, life lately has taken us to st. louis. remember how much i was missing memphis? well C and i drove to the lou for a thirty-six hour stay to see my bluff city girls. y'all. it was so good. gosh, i just love them to pieces. thankfully, we have these semi-annual reunions to look forward to. they're real good.
 have another good week, loves! see you when there is enough light to capture images! xo

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