Wednesday, September 25

life in a small town

one of the first questions we get asked when announcing our voyage to oakland is "how are you tolerating the small town?" we respond with an enthusiastic and sincere, "we are so excited to be back!" it's true. i never thought i would settle down in the dot on the map. i loved the city. the conveniences, the culture, the character. but, i also loved the life i grew up with. where conveniences were replaced by charm. culture by community. character by childhood.
as C and i began to act on our future and think about having a family, we knew the small town had a big place in our plans. we imagined our kids riding their bikes to the swimming pool on a hot summer day. we saw them involved in anything and everything their hearts desired at school. we wanted them to have personalized opportunities. a place to run. a place to explore. a place to feel safe. and most importantly, a place where the little things are appreciated. for us, that meant the small town.
we landed in oakland. and through a purpose bigger than ourselves, we are content with where we are at. we are invested in this community. we have big dreams for the 1,450 people living here. we can't wait for our children to experience this small town life.
sure, there are pieces that we miss. there are pieces that our children will miss. but we will work really, really hard to ensure that our kids know the convenience, culture and character [visits to their adventurous auntie T will help with this!]. we have lived them both and we have loved them both. it's just that right now, the love of that small town overcomes the life of the city.
we are so excited to be back and can't imagine our family growing up anywhere else.

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