Saturday, September 7


i seriously cannot manage to find time for photos and "what we've done" posts. funny how all the free moments i have to blog are spent working on the house or clinic. and therefore, i have no elaborate record of where we are and where we've been. 
so here's a peek into 109. she is comfortable, but not even close to being done. the big projects are about 60% complete [two bathrooms and a basement to tackle this fall/winter]. every day it feels more and more like home. like the place we will continue to make so many important memories. and that makes every day really, really good.
the staircase is open! and it feels about five feet bigger in here. 
the stairs are painted! but need another couple of coats. [along with every other inch of the house.]
the open shelving is in! but needs a couple more brackets.
the kitchen floor is done! but needs trim.
the living room windows are in! and we are so obsessed. 
as you can see, there is so much more to do. but we have come a long way [it pretty much takes all my strength not to put before pictures into every post. whoa, was it bad!]. furniture and light fixtures and all the fun stuff are on the horizon. gonna save some pennies and get a good feel for where we want the decor to go. 
have i mentioned how much i love this? someone pinch me. 

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