Tuesday, January 7

mexico - part three

christmas eve in fifty photos. enjoy.
 pretty woman. love this photo!
more of those tequila shots.
 this is where we had dinner after the wedding. have i raved about the resort enough? please let me continue. we didn't have anything planned for after the ceremony because all the private areas were booked. upon arrival, we told the guest services manager we were getting married and she coordinated a dinner under these magical structures [God bless, isobel!]. it was just the twenty-two of us. the eight kids played in the sand and the fourteen adults laughed, drank, and recounted the day under the stars, while the waves crashed just feet from us. i couldn't have planned it. it was truly out of a dream. i don't have any photos of the night secondary to forgetting my camera [UGH. although, below you will find some courtesy of C's sister, nikki. so glad someone had a camera!], so C and i went back the next day to capture some images. thank you, sandos caracol! you truly were the icing on a perfect day!
 seven out of eight grandchildren riding the waves!

  gus and his girls

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