Monday, February 10

wedding - a+c

are you sick of looking at us yet? i don't blame you. feel free to stop checking in [except dana killed it on our couple shots]. i mainly want to get these out into the world wide web to a. give dana public credit for seriously stunning work and b. have an online diary of the day. computers crash. jump drives get ruined. but the internet remains. 
first look!
which happened to be right outside my parent's room [wasn't planned], so my dad, brother and sister got to see it with C's parents and my mom. divine intervention number five.
a word about our resort. it was unlike anything any of us had ever experienced. i already talked about the service and dedication to their guests. but the landscape. out of this world. i mean, check this out. it was a jungle. a beach. a resort pool atmosphere. 200 year old cenotes that we got to take a boat ride in [that tomorrow]. absolutely unreal. divine intervention number six.
sandos caracol offered a personal golf cart ride around the resort while taking photos to maximize the areas we were able to shoot. amazing!
a walk through downtown playa
photos by dana damewood.

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