Monday, September 29

california - napa

oh napa. you have deepened my love for your state even more. i mean, whoa. you have all the best things - good food, good wine, beautiful landscape, and great people. we seriously adore all things wine country. 
we had absolutely no idea what to expect. chris did a little research before we left and knew we wanted to head north on the silverado trail. it's funny how things just work perfectly when you relinquish control. i need to apply that theory to my life. we got in the car and just drove, stopping whenever we felt like it. 
our first detour was this little gem called luna vineyards. it was the perfect start to our napa adventure. we had the place to ourselves. we sat outside in the most gorgeous weather. we tasted five wonderful wines. we learned a bit about tasting etiquette. we enjoyed each other. it was truly perfection.
as we continued to head north on silver ado, these were our views. stunning.
again, the best adventures are those that are not planned. we were driving and somehow spotted hartwell estate vineyards. really?
the estate was open by appointment only so chris called early monday morning to see if we could get in. we just couldn't leave napa without tasting hartwell wine and bringing home some goodies!
after luna and our drive up silverado, we met alan and margie at raymond vineyard. they are members there, so we got ultimate special treatment. 
thank you, margie and alan, for the most wonderful weekend!
i mean, so gorgeous, right?
on our next morning visit to hartwell estate, we got a private cave tour and again, special treatment. seriously, no plans and no expectations always lead us to the best experiences.
we love napa and cannot wait to return!

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