Monday, January 5

mexico - our anniversary

we had the incredible blessing of spending our first anniversary and christmas in mexico again this year. C's parents were so generous and kind to take us all for a last hurrah in celebration of retirement, a good year, and the johnson clan! 
we wanted to make our first anniversary extra special considering we got to return to the country it all happened. the night before we went to downtown puerto vallarta for dinner and exploration. the city has a real cultural and historical feel about it. we thoroughly enjoyed the time together while taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the city. 
 we could not get over the difference between the east and west side of mexico. the mountains in puerto vallarta could not be beat!
 the ocean was pretty rough all week which made for beautiful waves. is there anything better than that crashing sound and salty air? 
 after a small long, hard detour to exchange dollars into pesos, we found downtown. we walked along the rocky beach, the boardwalk, found the most beautiful church, and the cutest little mexican brewery.
 love spanish architecture. it really spoke in puerto vallarta. like i said, the history of the city seemed to be alive. 
 we had chips and guac, steak tacos, and cheese enchiladas with mexican beer and margaritas, of course.
 around the church there was this papel picado on every street for several blocks. i'm not sure if it was there for the holidays or if it's always there, but omg, i love it so much. i kinda want papel picado lining my life.
 we caught a sunset before heading back to the resort. i wish we would have stayed longer, but we were exhausted and my feet were dying (read: long detour to start the journey).
the next morning we both got massages, relaxed by the pool, and ended the night with a fun, family dinner.
 it has been a year filled with bumps and blessings and i just can't wait for all the rest!

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