Saturday, April 2

farm livin is the life for me

photos found here.
i have seen photos of this brilliant farm house before, but just recently rediscovered them. it is safe to say that its charm and beauty are on my mind considering the very vivid dream i had about touring it last night. i have always imagined that one day, when i am old and gray [or even young and chasing kids], i'll have a classic, comfortable cottage with room for roaming, innocent imagination, and bountiful buds. i would definitely take this humble abode relocated to middle america. please and thank you. dream bubble above my head is pretty much exploding right now.
i hope that your saturday was satisfactory. mine sure was. i woke up pretty early [my body naturally wakes up at 7:30 on the weekends now. i never thought i would see the day], got some spring cleaning done, went to barnes and noble and target, enjoyed the sunshine, ran outside. tonight is basketball and some r&r. standard saturday around these parts. be safe out there friends!

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