Wednesday, April 27

home sweet home

photos found here.
welcome. come on in. stay awhile. in my life as a working adult i have pored over pages and pages of blogs, martha stewart living, better homes and gardens, pottery barn catalog. i have exactly eight [memory space sucking] files on my computer devoted to inspiration found on the world wide web. i have purchased items only to be put into storage labeled future nest. i could probably piece together my dream house in about ten minutes. but, thankfully, this homeowner [and apparent kindred spirit] has [nearly] achieved my perfect picture. and looky there, the house is for sale. anyone willing to support a mortgage a million miles outside of my budget as well as find a job for me in virginia? you know my number. i will be looking forward to your call.
ps: dr. j arrives tomorrow. the next fifteen hours cannot go quickly enough. we have a very busy weekend planned with beale street music festival and nba playoffs, but i will try to find time to post updates. have a happy end of april!

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