Wednesday, April 20

lessons learned

four straight days of pondering your professional calling and identity has the potential to make you go a bit crazy. i have had a really unique opportunity to better understand where i want to be and what i want to do. there were times this weekend that i got excited for my career. something i haven't felt in awhile. the trouble is that this excitement will take a lot of patience and knowledge and begging and advocacy. none of which i feel like i have. i heard a speaker this weekend that made me want to jump up and say "yes! you get it!" and isn't that how it should be? i know a lot of people that just get through life to make a buck. and i also know a lot of people that are so dedicated, so passionate, so in love with what they do, so alive. i want to be in category B please. am i naive to think that i deserve this so early on in my career? perhaps. 

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