Saturday, April 23


...into summer. i must say this weekend has started off quite well. last night we had work happy hour that lasted into the morning [with a brief pause for good friday mass, you can judge me if you want]. today marks the first farmer's market of the season and so i took full advantage of the sun and sights. most impressive at the market were the flowers. i guess it is peak time for tulips [one of my faves] and they were breathtaking. it got me aching for planting some buds and adding life to my little home. alas, next stop: greenhouse. my balcony came back from the depths of winter with colorful blooms to the tune of one hundred dollars [gag, but worth it]. the day was topped off by a rt. 44 diet dr. pepper [lent is over, i am dying for soda, you may judge again], homemade guac and chips from the farmer's market, and a warm breeze on the balcony. yet, with all of the beauty and blessings of the day, nothing would compare to being home with my family on this holiday weekend. i hope that yours is filled with love, light, laughter, and lenten indulgences. let's be glad for those surrounding you and this season of awakening.

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